Green Gala Events- Design

“I love imagining the stories that come with second-hand treasures. The “good plates” that were only used for birthdays and Christmas, then lovingly washed and returned to the cupboard. For me, curating sustainable events is the opportunity to continue that story.”

Cassie has always loved being creative and was drawn to the arts. She developed a love for theatre and went on to work backstage for professional musicals across Australia for 20 years. These years fostered a love of theming and creative design that continues today.

After making her 2 greatest achievements, her beautiful kiddos, her focus changed and she helped create 5 weddings for family and friends. She was fascinated by how unique each wedding celebration was and realised that the art of styling an event is to learn what brings people joy.

It was then she realised what she wanted the next chapter of her life to be, and so began the journey of Green Gala Events.

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