Assunta Parisse

Assunta Parisse is the president and youngest member of Benvenute Donne di Glenroy, the Italian women seniors group. She works tirelessly as a volunteer to engage the women with their community and to provide a space for friendship and support. As group member Francesca describes her, “Assunta is like the mum of the family”. Assunta says of the group, “It is of great importance. The elderly need the help and recognition because there is too much isolation. Once a week to get out they are happy. It’s a very important part of community regardless of nationality.”

As well as the president of Benvenute Donne di Glenroy, Assunta is also a member of the Merri-bek Connectors, “Since I’ve been working with the Merri-bek Connectors I’ve learnt so much. This is my third year. I’ve learnt about other communities that I didn’t know. I’ve made good friends. You’re learning their ways of living connected with ours that I never knew about.” Assunta also relays what she learns from the Merri-bek Connectors back to the women in Benvenute Donne di Glenroy.

Assunta says the most rewarding thing about being president of Benvenute Donne di Glenroy is, “Having them as my friends. They’re my brick wall. After Mum passed away…they’re my best friends. A lot of them I knew from Glenroy, but now there are others.” Assunta’s leadership, support, kindness, dedication and ideas are invaluable. Her continued advocacy for older women within the Italian community contributes immensely to not only the women’s lives but also the social fabric of Glenroy.