Erin Johnson

‘A garden brings us together and nurtures us.’

Brought up in country Victoria, Erin moved to Melbourne to attend university studying legal practice and management but now works in IT. Being a passionate gardener, she volunteers at the Mulberry Community Garden where she is recognised for her remarkable contribution to its development, engendering and encouraging greater participation and engagement by local people.

The Mulberry Garden is one big plot of land on which everyone works collaboratively. Veggies are grown organically, using resources from the community such as waste food which is made into compost and fed to worms in their worm farms. Erin raises seedlings to sell, often 1000 at a time, to boost their funds.

All residents are welcome with groups gathering on Wednesday and Saturdays. The Nepalese community is currently teaching the gardeners how to grow and cook Nepalese spinach and greens. Erin loves the diversity of cultures at the garden and in Glenroy. She believes that people can work together to create a safe, active, connected community.