Jez Jones

“As soon as I saw it, I was jumping up and down with so much glee,” says Jez Jones of being nominated for The Extraordinary Women of Glenroy, “it showed me what I was doing was paying off and I was giving back.” Fifteen-year-old Jez, who is a student at Glenroy College, is committed to giving back to her local community through helping on stalls at the Glenroy Festival, being involved in events at her school, and as a member of youth groups. Jez’s love for the suburb of Glenroy is evident, “I love how inclusive it is, how massive the community is, how open everyone is.”

An artistic person with a love of art, theatre and musicals, Jez says that, “Art is very important for me. It’s a deep connection I have with my mum. She loves art too. And one of the things I love doing in my spare time is drawing, creating music…”. Jez also loves animals and wishes for there to be less animals in the area that need to be rescued. Jez’s contribution to her school and community demonstrates her leadership qualities. For Jez, “Having leadership skills, showing respect, having kindness, being able to work with your peers and members of the community, having the ability to go out in the community and strike up a conversation with people” are what’s important. Jez is a remarkable young woman who is enthusiastic to become a teacher after studying Psychology and Drama. An extraordinary woman of Glenroy.