Judy Ellis

“Glenroy means everything to me,” says Judy Ellis who was the only female principal at Glenroy North Primary school, and the school’s longest-serving teacher of 43 years. “It was such a shock and a lovely, lovely surprise,” to receive the nomination for The Extraordinary Women of Glenroy.

Having grown up in Balgowlah, NSW and then moving to Moorabbin as a child, Judy had never heard of Glenroy until she was posted there after completing Teacher’s College. “I was meant to be sent to Glenroy North where you know the people valued you. The staff are my dear friends and it’s such a privilege.” During her time as Principal at Glenroy North Primary School, Judy was involved in the school merger. She also helped to turn the school around, which at one stage was considered the most disadvantaged school in the State, by making people feel welcome and bringing the community together.

Judy has been a long-standing member of Broadmeadows Rotary and has acted as its President for the last four years. Committed to serving her community, Judy’s wish for Glenroy is that she would “love never to see anyone who appears to be homeless sitting outside the Coles at night. That makes me really sad. Things like that shouldn’t be happening around here. We need to care about each other.”

Judy is also very passionate about drama, comedy and musical theatre and she would use drama as a teaching tool. She also wrote and appeared in comedy skits, including skits she wrote for comedian and actor Glenn Robbins. Judy has fostered strong friendships within the Glenroy community. She is an exceptional woman whose values and skills have influenced positive change in Glenroy.