Lidia Tizian

Lidia Tizian has been working in the Northern Suburbs – Glenroy/Fawkner – for nearly 30 years and has been in teaching for 35 years. As Assistant Principal and Head of the Well-Being team at Glenroy College, Lidia says. “It’s humbling and overwhelming” to be nominated for The Extraordinary Women of Glenroy. “It’s great to hear the nomination, but I always think it’s a collective effort. It takes many individuals to make changes to student outcomes.”

Lidia is very committed to her role as the head of the well-being team and making positive changes for the students and families at Glenroy College. “For me it is about collaborating with the community, empowering them, instilling the confidence to say, ‘You can do this!’, encouraging them to have the self-belief to pursue their goals.” One of the ways Lidia is doing this is through building partnerships with organisations such as Merri-bek Council, Oxygen Youth Space, Glenroy Hub, Lion’s Club and Moreland Rotary as well as implementing a dedicated team of professionals including a psychologist, a youth worker, and support staff to provide extra assistance to students.

Lidia’s wish for Glenroy College is for the school to be able to have access to more funding and build partnerships with external organisations enabling students to have diverse opportunities and achieve success, “It’s about providing them with the resources and opportunities they might not otherwise have, fostering their confidence and resilience to step out of their comfort zones.”

Lidia is setting a positive example to all her students, particularly girls, “Our school is approximately 60% male and 40 % girls, and one of the most important things is being a role model for young women, particularly in the STEM field,” Lidia says. The phenomenal work Lidia does with students at Glenroy College to improve their wellbeing and educational outcomes makes a huge contribution to the local community.