Lina El Hage

‘A smile, a kind word and Connection’.

As part of a big family in Lebanon, Lina learned her sense of connectedness. When she came to Australia this energetic woman immersed herself in the community, always being involved in activities that help others. She knew that to assist other women in particular, she needed to achieve herself–to study, to work, to nurture her own children. This she did.

She is an entrepreneur and spreads the word between the Council and non-English speaking members of the Arabic community. Her catering business and teaching of cooking enable other women to learn and belong. She advises them to learn English so as to participate more fully in all that Glenroy has to offer. She believes that a smile and a kind word can be inclusive. Look to those who need help. Study to better yourself, then empower other women to do likewise. This empowerment develops the community.

Lina has instigated study sessions at the Glenroy Hub, is involved with Mulberry Community Garden, advocates for a basketball programme at Glenroy College and more! She waves the flag of ‘connection’ for the community, being grateful for the peacefulness of the suburb. ‘Do it with love’ is her catchcry. ‘Glenroy will thrive!’