Marie-Louise Pawsey

As the owner-operator of She’s Going Places Transport, Marie-Louise Pawsey makes sure women in the Glenroy area make it safely from A to B. “I have always been genuinely concerned [about the safety of women]…I am trying to keep us as safe as I can.” Marie-Louise says the most rewarding thing about her job is, “when a woman says I couldn’t have gotten there without you. I have a 100% success rate. I turn up! No flights have been missed. No early morning appointments at the hospital have been missed.” Marie-Louise is not only committed to the safety of women in her community but also in bringing women together through her 3046 Women’s Circle Facebook group; a space where women can discuss the issues affecting their daily lives and have conversations about topics that interest them.

Marie-Louise is passionate about women’s safety and women’s ability to maintain their connection to the local community and to live life the way they want to. Of her women only transport service she says, “I believe every woman deserves the dignity of being able to get to her front door, and into her house, safely. These are the sorts of things I feel are important…I feel [that personal touch] is massive. They feel assured and that’s why I do it. I want us to have a really good time and we do.” When she’s not driving women, she’s emboldening women to grow their confidence through capability and identity, particularly Single, Childless and Childfree women. Marie-Louise is a friendly, vibrant, and motivated member of the Glenroy community. An extraordinary woman of Glenroy, helping to make the area a safer place and connecting women within the community.