Mausam Jakhar

When Mausam came from India in 2011 and to Glenroy in 2013 she saw the Bottle Brush flourishing as it does at home. This gave her an immediate sense of connection, something she values greatly.

Trust and Relationships are promoted at the Glenroy Hub Children’s Centre where she has worked in early childhood education for the past two years. ‘Trust and relationships with your families is the key to success there’, she says. Recently appointed to manage the Centre, an excellence award granted for service quality affirms her suitability to be in the lead.

Working with hundreds of parents, she aims to include them in their child’s education while promoting diversity within the centre by honouring various cultural festivals. In addition to offering weekly excursions to the library and community garden at her centre, she feels that early childhood education can provide children social and cognitive experiences that foster independence and a love of learning. These opportunities can also help children develop strong bonds with the people in their community.

Her very gentle manner and welcoming smile put parents and children alike at ease. Having two children herself gives her an insight into the reality of bringing up children.

‘I love the natural environment of Glenroy. The vibe here is so positive and there’s helpful people around’, she comments.