Rasha Abdulla

Rasha, her husband and six month old baby came to Australia as refugees on a fishing boat. Initially to Adelaide then to Melbourne where her brothers-in-law had settled and they worked hard to purchase a home in Glenroy.

Lonely and with limited English, she looked for companionship which she found in the Glenroy Hub playgroup, a council supported programme. Friendships developed; connections were made whilst a safe environment for children was provided. She valued this greatly and resolved to show her appreciation when she could.

With a Diploma in hand, Rasha decided to give back to the community and volunteered to run this playgroup each Friday during school term. Her family had increased by then so her twin girls were often with her. Promoting this group on social media has encouraged other families to attend thereby providing them with a feeling of inclusion in a relaxed and secure environment.

‘The dream of her heart is to open a dual childcare and play centre. In Glenroy of course, because as Rasha says with a joyous smile-‘The best thing about Glenroy is everything!’